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The Jag Chronicles

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Horror
A contemporary fantasy/horror series chronicling the trials of Curtis Jag - a man resurrected from Hell to infect the world with a mysterious disease known only as Za Shikkan. Forced to hunt down the Devil's enemies, converts, and coveted targets, this former Corporate Security specialist, father, and religious cynic, must reconnect with those he trusts and work to unravel a mysterious pact between the forces of Heaven and Hell.
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The Elements Rising

Book One: Prophecy Unfolded
Genre:High Fantasy
Scheduled release date: TBD

When Heaven's prisons fail, the dead must rise to save the living. That is the ominous portent behind Prophecy Unfolded, a novel that follows the prophetic rise and fall of an orphaned villager and the pagan nations he must save from the gods of the Old World. The first in a multi-book series, Prophecy Unfolded is geared at the adult fantasy market.

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Strange witch woman roaming around abandoned brick factory.